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Actually, I'm, uh... making some changes in the art. I think that may have been my problem lately. I'm still using some bits from 2002--hell, Boss's body hasn't changed once since his first Illustrator-drawn appearance. Neither has Jay's. And some of the heads are the "new" shape and some are the "old" shape and AUGH CLEAN HOUSE THROW OUT OLD CRAP.

The heads are going to still look like the w00tpeople heads you know, but with actual noses. And hair. And better ears. And--well, here, look.

The bodies, though... major changes. No more copying and pasting of people standing around with their arms at their sides, for one thing. I am so fucking tired of copying and pasting people standing around with their arms at their sides, I've been doing this long enough that I can no longer use "I DUN KNOW BETTER OMG" as an excuse, and it is high time to start drawing this damn strip instead of pasting this damn strip.

One other thing. You may have noticed a lack of color in the little test Sarah head above. That's another change, and probably the biggest one. The Illustrator-n00b way I've been handling the coloring till now is simply not going to work any more. See, what I've been doing is making all the bits and pieces colored shapes. Like, the blank head is one shape, the hair is one shape, the shirt is about three or four shapes. Which is fine for people who are just going to, once again, stand around with their arms at their sides, but it won't work for shit with the new stuff. Remember way back when? When I was farting around with the semi-realistic style that crashed and burned? That Illustrator-n00b coloring is THE biggest mistake I made with that.

So now I'm going to do just the "inking" in Illustrator, and the coloring in either Photoshop or Painter. Instead of the Illustrator-n00b colored shapes, it's going to be plain black lines on a plain white background and that, my friends, is probably the closest I'm ever going to come to a hand-drawn w00t.

Now, something to tide you over until I pop out a new strip (which, swear to God, won't be much longer). It's only about a third finished, and I wasn't going to release it until it was really finished, and I don't know when the hell it'll be finished because I got swept up in other shit and haven't touched it in months, and it's about as far removed from w00t as it could possibly be, but here you go:

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The new style looks great, shows a lot of potential. Glad to see you back in the metaphorical saddle. How many pages will "Becky's Doll" have?
Hey neat pictures you have so far. I miss your comics, especially the computer of death! But I understand. My boyfriend does his own sprite comics for the past few years. So sometimes fans hassle me to make him work on the comic faster. So of course, when they bug me, I distract him so he doesn't touch it for a few extra days. Most people don't seem to get it. It's a hobby that someone is sharing with others, not a job. The people that complain are also the same people who don't donate to help keep up the expenses. *shakes fists*.
Becky's Doll = Prettyful

Did you do that entirely by hand or did you do any touching up in Photoshop?
Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say we all missed you Chaobell! Hope things get better for you, and glad to see you are still alive there :)
Welcome back
The best i can do:

Hope it helps ;)

*crawls out from her (semi-)permanent lurkerdom*
Yay! Morecomicmaybesoon!

*runs away to lurk again*
Welcome back! Take all the time you need, when it comes to good comics there are only a few that are worth any wait. Yours is one of em!